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Based on the JET AIR chassis, improved for better shooting.

Based on the improved SA JET Air chassis, the new and complete JET Dream air rifle is brought to you by SA and FX Airguns. New adjustable butt stock. Integrated flush cup for rifle sling both rear and in the M-LOK base. All accessories included in the package.

Delivered complete in the exclusive SA Hard case in a better price total. Scope not included. The JET Dream comes in 4 calibers, all with the FX Smooth Twist X barrel. Available in three color combinations Silver/Black, Black/Black and Black/Gold.


Key features.

Our unique grip, Thums Up Chassis System.

Designed for multiple shooting disciplines.

Adjustable length of pull.

Large trigger guard.

Ambidextrous safety.

Made in Sweden.

The SA JET DREAM and all of its accessories are made in Sweden.

At Scandinavian Airguns we believe in quality and authenticity and always want to create something unique. The SA JET DREAM is designed and made in Sweden from the ground up. Together with the FX Dream Base you will experience a combination of Swedish design and engineering at its very best.


Made for the FX Dreamline.

The Dreamline is made by our friends at FX Airguns.

The JET DREAM is a flexible and lightweight multi purpose rifle chassis with ergonomics and specs optimized for the user. With origins from competitive long range shooting the JET DREAM is a versatile companion for multiple shooting disciplines.

The JET DREAM comes in black or silver and is made for the FX Dreamline.

“Based on the improved SA JET AIR chassis, the new and complete JET DREAM air rifle is brought to you by SA and FX.”

Suitable for several shooting disciplines.









Thumbs up!

A unique grip, keeping the thumb of the shooting hand straight up and in the center behind the trigger, reducing sympathetic finger movement. Equal performance shooting off both the weak and strong side.


ARCA rail.

The JET AIR forend sports a full length ARCA rail and six M-LOK slots for attaching support gear to your rifle.


The ARCA system was created for the photo industry by Arca-Swiss in Switzerland and has in recent years been adopted by the shooting community. It is fast becoming the new standard for attaching rifles to tripods, bipods and other support gear.


ARCA Adapters let you easily adjust your rifle support to any position along the length of the rail.

Adjustable Cheek Rest.

Adjust the cheek rest to your scope height and shooting position, then easily lock it into place with the locking screw.

Adjustable LOP.

Find the right length of pull, change position and alignment of the butt plate until it’s perfect for you and lock it into place.


Attention to detail and usability.


Large trigger guard.

An extra large trigger guard to allow for use with gloves in the tough Scandinavian climate.

Ambidextrous safety.

A left side safety selector is included 

for an ambidextrous set up. 

Mounting is optional..

Quick, adjust and lock butons.

Cheek rest and length of pull are easily adjusted with our quick adjust and lock system.


“Great functionality of your JET DREAM with SA original inventions and design.”

Adjustable Bag Rider.

A genius fast tool to find the right level on the bench.

With the push of a button, quickly adjust the bag rider to compensate for difference in terrain, then fine tune with your rear bag. Effortless fast leveling to that sweet spot target zone. A true enhancer of the shooting experience that will increase your number of perfect shoots.


AR-15 grip.

JET DREAM is compatible with AR-15 style grips.

We currently offer two different grips with the chassis: BCM (std) and ERGO (left). Please note that the grip mount on the JET DREAM is angled forward so not all grips are suitable.

M-LOK® Accessory Base.

Carry a variety of third party accessories of your choice.

Be it a Night Vision sight, flash light, laser, camera or something else that you need for your shooting challenge. The snug fit accessory carrier at the front of your gun increases the purposes and use of your ultimate air rifle.


Picatinny Scope Base.

A scope base specifically made for the FX Dreamline with just enough clearing for the magazine.

Be it a Night Vision sight, flash light, laser, camera or something else that you need for your shooting challenge. The snug fit accessory carrier at the front of your gun increases the purposes and use of your ultimate air rifle.


  • Machined aluminium EN AW-6082.

  • Total Weight: 1300 g.

  • Weight without grip: 1175 g.

  • Length with butt plate: 753-790 mm.

  • ARCA rail length: 300 mm / 12 inch.


  • Adjustable cheek rest.

  • Adjustable length of pull.

  • Ambidextrous safety.

  • Large trigger guard.

  • AR-15 style grip.

  • Integrated ARCA rail with M-LOK® slots on the bottom.

  • Flush cups for QD rifle sling (integrated rear and external front). 

  • Adjustable Bag Rider*.

  • 20MOA/6mrad Picatinny scope base.

  • M-LOK® Accessory base mount.

JET DREAM schematic

1. Adjustable cheek rest. 

2. Flush cups for QR sling swivel (rear and front).

3. New Adjustable length of pull and butt pad. 

4. New adjustable and stable Bag Rider. 

5. AR-15 style grip. 

6. 20MOA/6mrad Picatinny scope base. 

7. Ambidextrous safety. 

8. Large trigger guard. 

9. Integrated ARCA rail with M-LOK® slots on the bottom. 

10. M-LOK® accessory base.

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