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SA is a Swedish company founded in 2018 and based in Stockholm.

We specialize in high quality shooting products for marksmen and women in all disciplines from air rifles to long range firearms.
The company first started as Scandinavian Airguns with a focus on airgun related products but we also developed more general shooting products, such as bipods and has since expanded our range to include equipment for the firearm community and evolved into Scandinavian Arms.
SA has a wide range of products from rifle chassis and bipods, air tanks and valves to bags and apparel. We are not limited by specific types of products for the shooting community but whatever we do is unique and made with the highest ambitions in design, innovation and quality. Always unique.
SA worked 5 years developing products to build a portfolio in close contact with our community and 2023 is the year for our official world launch.
SA is recruiting new colleagues and building a network of retailers world wide. Please contact us if you’re interested in working with us as a dealer or a colleague.

We are Scandinavian Arms.

Contact Us


Ranhammarsvägen 20
SE-168 67 Bromma

VAT: 559056-9934


+46-8-42 00 23 80

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