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The Light Recoil Scope.

The SA LRS is the result of a unique collaboration between Schmidt & Bender and Scandinavian Arms to offer the best optical sight for competition shooters around the world.

Through our years as competition shooters, SA recognized the need to make better optics available to a wider audience.

After years of evaluating the scope market we decided to build our scope around Schmidt & Bender’s brilliant and trusted 5-25x56PMII scope. 

The industry benchmark in terms of optical quality and mechanical reliability.


Key features.

Unmatched parallax ranges from 10m to infinity.

Specially designed turrets and magnification ring.

The 1st focal plane Multi Competition Reticle.

Perfect for your airgun and Long Range rifle.

Easier adjusting these when wearing gloves.


  • The 1st focal plane Multi Competition Reticle is designed by SA and offers a clean open center with a center dot and is designed to work well through the full magnifying range, with increasing line size as the magnification decreases.

  • As 95% of the corrections to a well aimed shot is made within a 2-mrad square (80% within the the 1-mrad square) of the center of the reticle. The Multi Competition Reticle offers a reference points at each corner of the 2-mrad square to assist the shooter to quickly make corrections.

  • A thin lined measuring scale is located at the top right of the center to assist in the estimation of unknown distance targets in field shooting competitions.

  • An SA “Hold-Over” reticle will be available as an option later in 2023.

“The LRS is the result of a unique collaboration between Schmidt & Bender and 
Scandinavian Arms to offer the best optical sight”

Attention to detail and usability.


Below zero.

The elevation turret offers a Zero Stop at 10 clicks (1MRAD) below zero. 

Double turn turret.

Double turn elevation turret with second turn indicator engaged.

Easier adjusting.

The LRS features by SA specially design turrets and magnification ring to easier adjusting these when wearing gloves.


Optical data.

  • Magnification: 5-25.

  • Objective diameter: 56 mm.

  • Field of view/100 m: 5,3-1,5 m.

  • Field of view: 3,0–0,9°.

  • Exit pupil diameter: 11,0-2,3 mm.

  • Eye relief distance: 90 mm.

  • Twilight factor: 16,7-37,4.

  • Light transmission: 90%.

  • Focal plane: 1.

  • Diopter adjustment: -3 to +2 dpt.

  • Parallax adjustment: 10 to ∞ m.

Dimensions and weight.

  • Length: 417 mm.

  • Main tube diameter: 34 mm.

  • Weight: 1160 grams.

Further data.

  • Internal travel elevation: 340/100 m.

  • Internal travel windage: 170/100 m.

  • Illumination: No.

  • Nitrogen filling: Minimum Nitrogen 5.0.


  • Thread objective M58.2 x 0.75.


  • Colour: Black/Gold.

  • Temperature – Storage: -55 to +70 °C.

  • Temperature – Function: -25 to +60 °C.

  • Waterproof: 3 m.

Turret configurations.

  • Turrets (Elevation / Windage): DT / ST.

  • Adjustment range elevation: 265 cm / 100 m.

  • Adjustment range windage: ±60 cm / 100 m.

  • Turret rotation: ccw.

  • Click value: 0.1 mrad.


  • The SA LRS features a specially designed magnification ring and turrets with larger circumferences and deeper groves to better accommodate gloved operation in all weather conditions while also improving ergonomics in general use.

  • The Elevation turret features a double turn. A second turn indicator pops up when entering the second turn and offers both a tactile and a clear visible indication that you’re on the second revolution of the elevation.

  • The Zero stop is set at 1 MRAD (10 clicks) below ZERO to be able to adjust for offsets due to different ammo, suppressors etc.

  • The 5-25×56 LRS’s unmatched parallax ranges from 10m to infinity makes it perfect for both your airgun, 22lr as well as your Long Range rifle.

  • As the name declares, the scope’s use is for light recoil rifles only. Use on heavy recoiling systems like the .50BMG or similar is not recommended.

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