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We have put together a ergonomic air carry package comfortable carrying by hand or on the shoulder.


The package includes SA RANGE BAG, AIR TANK 6.8 L SA MAJOR, SPARKY (QD hose) and SA ADJT SB (valve).




THE SA RANGE BAG is designed specifically for The Major 6,8 L air tank, but can be used with other similar sized tanks ≈ 7 L. The SA Major Range bag protects the tank while providing comfortable carrying by hand or on the shoulder and enhancing the filling experience since it lies roll free on the table (bench) or stands steadily on the ground beside you.


Open the lid to access the valve and fill your gun. Two quick detachable pouches for accessories, tools or pellets. Comfortable carry handle and detachable, padded shoulder strap with adjustable length. Designed to be used  in upright position


Key features


  • Dampening foam protects the tank.
  • Designed to be used in upright position.
  • Easy access to tank from top opening.
  • Spacious integrated side pocket.
  • Padded shoulder strap with adjustable length.




The Air tanks from SA has a unique design with a look and feel that you won’t find anywhere else. Designed in Sweden and made in South Korea by the most renowned manufacturer of the highest standards to ensure safe carry and handling of compressed air. With the SA Adjt SB valve we got you covered with the best and safest combination.

SA MAJOR, A 6.8 L air supplier for every airgunner with high demands. Your portable air base at the range, in the trunk or at the hunting lodge.




The premium quality SA hose is a pleasure to use and handle. High quality, won’t bend or break. Quick mounted and detached. Made in Sweden and Italy for highest safety and reliability. 




The SA Adjutant Side Bleed is the centerpiece of our Air Service products. Developed and made in Sweden for the demanding airgun user, compact and smooth to operate. After extreme testing by Air Liquide in France the Adjutant was approved for certification which ensures maximum safety for the users.


The Adjutant is equipped with two different gauges, black dial for tank pressure and white dial for fill pressure, a burst disc for extra safety and ergonomic hand wheels - the large main wheel and the smaller bleed wheel. 


Key features


  • Available in 3 threadings.
  • Compact and smooth to operate.
  • A large side wheel to bleed the hose quickly or quietly.


  • *CE. This product is certified in Europe according to ADR/RID and TPED. Other regions may accept TPED and/or ISO 11119-3 certification as legislative documents. 

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